Doctor Who: The Snowmen

doctorwho_photo_snowmen_02_webOK so the other day i stayed home. Cuz you know, what’s the point of going out if you don’t have any friends. Anyway, there really wasn’t anything interesting at the movies so it doesn’t matter. I hate musicals so ‘Le Miserables’ was definitely out of the question and the sight of a colored man killing my fellow white counterparts in ‘Django something’ wasn’t very appealing to me in. So I stayed home and tuned in to BBC America to watch the DW 2012 Xmas uber Special episode cuz you know, I like cheesy british shows that no one watches. But seriously though, I always enjoyed DW ever since its rebirth back in ’05. It’s cheesiness, britishness and over the top acting makes it a delight to watch. Plus, David Tennant is my all time favorite Doctor. Though it might not have been a good idea to watch this Christmas special on my new awesome big ass flat screen tv I bought with my welfare check since the Queen’s Royal CGI don’t render well at all in High Def.

Anyway, it was a bit boring so I didn’t really pay too much attention to this episode. Though I definitely paid attention to Jenna-Louise Colman’s juicy large ass fake tanned titties. She’s a beauty. Surely the highlight of this Christmas special. I also liked her in her first appearance a couple of months ago when she played a dead Dalek or some shit like that. I was however disappointed by the lack of excitement/christmas feeling/family friendly adventure that characterized the Christmas iterations a few years back under RTD. So fuck you mister Moffat. Anyway, there were some cool stuff like the doctor living on a cloud or not seeing the awfully annoying Ponds. I’m glad they’re gone and I’m looking forward to the next regular DW shows.

Overall, C+ thanks to Jenna-Louise’s hotness.



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