Speedy reviews: Silver Linings Playbook & The Last Stand

bookOK now I saw this flick ages ago so I don’t remember jack shit about it. However, I do remember Bradley Cooper looking über sexy and I do remember Jennifer Lawrence being super mega hawwwwt. I also remember the former running around wearing a garbage bag… Oh yeah, and most importantly I remember: EXCELSIOR !! Overall one of the best movies of the year so far, maybe even THE best movie. And yes, it counts as a 2013 release since I saw it this year. Not a big fan of romantic comedies per se, but this one is definitely awesome.  Anyway, short review cuz like I said, don’t remember jack shit. But it was kewl so [A+]

The-Last-Stand-poster-finalOk now I also don’t remember much about this one since I also saw it a long, long, long time ago. But it was BADASS and I really don’t understand how it tanked at the box office. It wasn’t crap like ‘Bullet to the Head’. No, it was BADASS. Arnie was BADASS, i’ve never seen him as BADASS as in this film. Seems like he gets better over the years. Now you might think I’m hyperboling here, but I honestly think ‘The Last Stand’ is a pretty good action movie with a bit of an 80s feel. Plus, the ‘Jackass’ guy isn’t annoying at all. I give it a [B]
B for BADASS !!! Hahaha


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