G.I. Joe: Retaliation

gijoeOK now, I’m usually a big fan of brainless movies with lots of action, lots of kewl weapons, lots of CGI, lots of hawt muscled men etc. However, I was EXTREMELY disappointed with this one. G.I. Joe: Retaliation sucks ass !! Why ? Two main reasons.

First, it was so confuuuusing !!! Couldn’t see a thing: it was dark, the action scenes were fuzzy, 3D sucked balls, lighting sucked even more. I don’t know if it was cuz of the stupid theater, but if not, people should be fired over at Paramount. Now maybe y’all should watch it in 2D, i don’t know maybe, looked good on the trailers. But don’t watch it in 3D, thats for sure.

Then, I was under the impression Channing Tatum, the second hottest man in the known universe behind Ryan Gosling, would have a strong presence in this movie, especially with the reshoots and all. Also, don’t forget the marketing focusing heavily on him. But what happened here is simply outrageous. Even more outrageous than Gosling dying after 40 minutes in The Place Beyond the Pines. Here, Tatum is killed after simply 15 minutes. Really pissed me off.

Also, no b00bies, no nekkid girz… Adrianne Palicki’s looking sexay in a couple of scenes, but other than that… I really miss Sienna Miller.

Let’s give it a [F]

G.I. JOE: RETALIATIONAdrianne Palicki: mildly attractive.


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