Doctor Who: The Snowmen

doctorwho_photo_snowmen_02_webOK so the other day i stayed home. Cuz you know, what’s the point of going out if you don’t have any friends. Anyway, there really wasn’t anything interesting at the movies so it doesn’t matter. I hate musicals so ‘Le Miserables’ was definitely out of the question and the sight of a colored man killing my fellow white counterparts in ‘Django something’ wasn’t very appealing to me in. So I stayed home and tuned in to BBC America to watch the DW 2012 Xmas uber Special episode cuz you know, I like cheesy british shows that no one watches. But seriously though, I always enjoyed DW ever since its rebirth back in ’05. It’s cheesiness, britishness and over the top acting makes it a delight to watch. Plus, David Tennant is my all time favorite Doctor. Though it might not have been a good idea to watch this Christmas special on my new awesome big ass flat screen tv I bought with my welfare check since the Queen’s Royal CGI don’t render well at all in High Def.

Anyway, it was a bit boring so I didn’t really pay too much attention to this episode. Though I definitely paid attention to Jenna-Louise Colman’s juicy large ass fake tanned titties. She’s a beauty. Surely the highlight of this Christmas special. I also liked her in her first appearance a couple of months ago when she played a dead Dalek or some shit like that. I was however disappointed by the lack of excitement/christmas feeling/family friendly adventure that characterized the Christmas iterations a few years back under RTD. So fuck you mister Moffat. Anyway, there were some cool stuff like the doctor living on a cloud or not seeing the awfully annoying Ponds. I’m glad they’re gone and I’m looking forward to the next regular DW shows.

Overall, C+ thanks to Jenna-Louise’s hotness.



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


OK. So the other day I went to the movies. Alone cuz i got no friends. Anyway, I really wanted to see this fascinating Hobbit flick cuz you know, I like small people. Just kidding of course, I only took my caucasian ass to the theatre for the ‘Star Trek Trek Into Darkness’ 9 minute preview. An awesomely awesome preview I might add witch featured some breathtaking visuals, top-notch acting, state of the art CGI and Michael Giacchino’s auditive orgasm. Easily my next year’s most anticipated film. However, they had this wonderful idea to show the preview AFTER the Hobbit’s end credits. What does it mean ? Well it means I had to painfully sit through this boring 3 hour pathetic excuse for movie. Now obviously, since i’m a connoisseur, I treated myself to an IMAX slash 3D slash 48fps projection. Cuz you know, it’s always better to have twice as many images or frames or whatever it’s called. Well, actually no. Though the image might be seem clearer and more detailed (oh yeah, most def noticed gandalfs lenses), it didn’t really feel natural. The moves seemed accelerated and most annoyingly, it felt like I was watching a PBS documentary. Apparently it’s supposed to ‘enhance the experience’… well apart from enhancing wrinkles and skin cracks, i’m not really sure what it does… Now I’m all for new technologies and stuff, but Peter Jackson can go fuck himself with his high frame rate bullshit. James Cameron can also fuck himself big time since he apparently has the even worse idea to make ‘Avatar 2’ not in 48fps, but in 60fps !! OH LORD… Now, sure there were some nice moments like the landscapes or Freeman’s acting. but overall this movie is boring as fuck. Also, Gandalf’s always saving everyone at the last second. That really irritated me.

So yeah, The Hobbit sucks ass. Also, no naked girlz which is a disappointment.