Spring Breakers [Britney Spears I love you]

Spring-Breakers-poster-A-Little-SunOK y’all, so this HAS to be the weirdest, most FUCKED UP film I’ve ever seen. But in a good way, you know. Now, it ain’t for everyone. In fact, there was a non negligible amount of walkouts during the screening. But hey, look at the rating, so who cares if some 10 years old bitches cry and leave cuz they saw their role model smoke a big ass bong and talk about dicks and shit.

Alright, let’s start with the b00bies, and there were plenty of em!! It’s spring break after all. So you get lots of hawt girlz dancing around topless, shaking their money makers, drinking bud light, sniffing coke and some other weird shit… My virgin needs couldn’t have been more satisfied !! Plus, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens (and even Rachel Korine) were all uber mega hot yet also believable. Who’d have thought Selena was capable of such great acting ! Her crying scene was sooooo sweet. James Franco is also incredibly AWESUM !! Geat job, casting wise.

But there is more to ‘Spring Breakers’ than the nudity, the sex, the drugs. It is also very deep and shows us great insight regarding the youth of today. Some interesting shit about a conflicted generation, the drug problem, the never ending spring breaks getting crazier and crazier… But that’s too serious for me. I enjoy light subjects and b00bies.

An other thing I really liked is the soundtrack. It is awesomely awesome and fits perfectly with the partying but also with the more moody, gloomy scenes. So thanks Cliff Martinez & Skrillex. Great stuff. The filming and the lighting’s also pretty good. Thank you Harmony Korine and Benoit Debie ❤

And let’s not forget the guns. Hand guns, uzis with silencers, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns. I was DELIGHTED ! ‘look at my shieeet‘. Some serious gangsta shit going on in this movie 🙂

All in all a fantastic film. Tits bouncing around, plenty of gun violence and lots of dollars flying in the air. A perfect mix for a film which could also be viewed as an ode to Britney Spears. I give it a [AWESUM+++] y’all

spring-breakers-picture01James Franco, one badass modafucka.