Thoughts on the year that was

Hey yall waz good ? OK so I stayed home alone on NYE cuz i still don’t have any friends and my parents, well, I’d rather not get into details. So after eating pop-tarts all night I looked back at what an incredible year 2012 has been for movies.

Here’s my top 3

clint-eastwood-disgusted-gifTrouble with the Curve: A mildly enjoyable predictable generic movie. But at least it had two fantastic actors, Clint Eastwood & Amy Adams. Two of the finest actors this world has to offer. It has really been a delight to watch them, they even managed to overshadow the boring script and the all so douchy Justin Timberlake. Also, I like baseball, Georgia’s awesome and Robert Patrick’s in it. [B]


Ted: The funniest movie I’ve watched in a long long time. I love Family Guy and frankly, I am not at all disappointed by Seth MacFarlane’s first live film. A guy smoking pot with his teddy bear… how awesome is that ! Now I don’t remember much about it but I do remember the uber sexy Mila Kunis. I also remember the dirty jokes, Norah Jones looking hot as fuck (thx a lot for 9/11 bitch) and most of all, i remember Flash Gordon. Also, I’m in love with Patrick Stewart’s voice. [A+]

The Expendables 2:

Barney Ross: I’ve heard another rumor… that you were bitten by a king cobra?
Booker: Yeah, I was… and after five days of agonizing pain… the cobra died.

Need I say more ? [A++]